Seared fillet steak with a tarragon and parsley dressing - home cooked food delivered.
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Seared fillet steak with a tarragon and parsley dressing

£14.88 per person, 4 portions, £59.50

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This creation is a great one for sharing. This elegant  dish would be a perfect starter sliced thinly or a excellent main course. It has serious flavour and definitely the wow factor which will make your guests fooled into thinking you have a chef hidden in your kitchen!

This product is Gluten Free
Prime fillet steak ( approx 600g raw weight), anchovy fillet (FISH),extra virgin olive oil, fresh tarragon, flat leaf parsley, fresh mint, lemon juice, sugar, white wine vinegar, unsalted butter (MILK), garlic clove.
Remove from packaging and bring up to room temperature. This can be sliced thinly and served as is, drizzled with the dressing. You may want to roast it whole or cut into steaks and cooked on a baking tray in a preheated oven at 200 degrees. 10- 12 minutes will cook it medium rare or leave to cook longer if you prefer it cooked through more.
Keep refrigerated and use within three days. Do not freeze sauce.
All of our meals are cooked fresh, so you can eat as little or as much as you want and freeze the rest (unless the storage instructions state otherwise).

Please note: our products are made in kitchens which use peanuts.
gluten free and vegitarian food
If you do have any other special dietary requirements, please inform us on the final order page or alternatively please call us on: 0191 2328695