Great dinner party games
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Great dinner party games

Great dinner party games

There is always time to play games at a dinner party, they also let you figure out who the competitive person is of the group! They are great way to get to know others and help the group become closer and learn more about each other. So we have created a list of our favourite games to play at a dinner party.



This is a game for all the family! Players have to draw out a word or phrase while the other guests have only 60 seconds to figure out what the drawing means. This is even more fun if you have someone in the group who doesn’t draw quite like Picasso.


Who am I?

This requires some post it notes, and someone who is clued up about celebrities. So everyone has a post it note on their forehead, with a celebrities’ name wrote on. The aim of the game is to guess who is on your post it note by asking only questions with the answer being either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This is a fun game for all the family, children can have characters who they know, so everyone can be involved.


1-minute talking

If you can talk a lot, this is the perfect game for you! One person has a topic to talk about, they have to talk about this topic for one minute, if they stutter, pause or say words such as ‘erm’ then they are out of the game. This is a game for the talkative people!

But it is more difficult than you think!



This is a classic dinner party game, it gets everyone laughing at the dinner table! One person has to stand up and act out a television programme, book name, film title or a song title. Then without speaking, they have to act this out, with the other players trying to guess what they are acting. To make it more difficult, you could put a time limit on the performers, so it is a race against time!


I never

This game is perfect for people who want to learn more about each other. By the time this game is finished everyone will have a better understanding about the people they are spending their evening with.

Everyone writes down an act they have previously done, the sentence starting with ‘I never…’. Once everyone has confessed, they are all piled up in the middle, with someone reading them out loud to the group. The aim of the game is to figure out who is behind the secret message. A way to understand what people are really like!


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