5 Desserts That Will Make Your Dinner Party Guests Want More More More
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5 Desserts That Will Make Your Dinner Party Guests Want More More More

5 Desserts That Will Make Your Dinner Party Guests Want More More More

Dinner parties are the ideal way to showcase your skills as a host, and as well as putting on some great entertainment and setting the scene for a great evening, a expertly prepared menu is the best way to get tongues wagging. After an excellent starter and main has been presented and quickly consumed, many dinner party hosts keep dessert quick and simple, which may mean your dinner party ends on a bum note!

To ensure your dessert is just as good (if not better) as your starter and main, choose one of the following desserts from the dinner party catering experts at More More More…

White chocolate and blueberry mousse

If your starter and main were particularly heavy, why not go for this light and fluffy option to finish? Using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients, our white chocolate and blueberry mousse is to die for! As well as being great tasting with the tanginess of the blueberries complementing the creamy white chocolate, the dish is beautifully presented making it the perfect choice for your spring/summer dinner party menu.

Poached pears in red wine

This naughty but nice dessert is a classic for any dinner party, and unlike many traditional dishes, poached pears in red wine doesn’t get old. Again a light option for menus that are particularly carb heavy or a complementary dish for lighter loads, the poached pears provide a treat for every palate. Combine this with a delicious dollop of vanilla mascarpone.

Chocolate fudge torte

Now for a very naughty dessert! The chocolate fudge torte is a dessert option that pretty much everyone will love, whatever your age or taste. With its gooey centre, this dish provides a deliciously different option and a twist on the traditional chocolate fudge cake. Ideal for dinner parties that are based on comfort food or something a tad more elegant.

Blueberry and mascarpone cheesecake

We all love our cheesecakes and whilst we all have our own preferences on which recipe is best, I’d defy anyone who tries our blueberry and mascarpone cheesecake not to fall in love with it. As well as adding a blueberry twist, the cheesecake sits on a base of biscotti biscuits.

Berry lime infused creams

On the lighter side, the berry lime infused creams from our experienced dinner party catering team have the fruity finish you need to end your festivities on a zingy note. The creams are also an excellent palate refresher.

You can order all of the ready to eat desserts mentioned above and more from our online store.