5 Tips for Dinner Party Success – Minus the Stress
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5 Tips for Dinner Party Success – Minus the Stress

5 Tips for Dinner Party Success – Minus the Stress

For many hosts, dinner parties are all about fulfilling a multitude of roles. The average host has to after all be the perfect planner, cook and entertainer, and only seasoned dinner party organisers have mastered this multitasking skill.

Stress is the only thing that dinner party hosts can guarantee, and whilst you may learn from your disasters to make your next event even better, what can you do to create a great dinner party first time round – without the stress?

Simplicity = success

Unbeknown to many dinner parties aren’t the best time to deliver that ambitious recipe that the likes of Nigella, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay make look so easy! By keeping things simple, you can focus on being a great host throughout the evening.

Focus on your guest list

Dinner parties are more than just great food, great guests often make for an even better night so being selective with your list of attendees, particularly if you are introducing people for the very first time, is important.

From experience eight guests is the magic number, and for hosts organising an event for a mixture of colleagues, family members and friends, creating a list around an ‘anchor guest’ can ease the pressure for the host. Your anchor guest should be the life and soul, and ideally should be familiar with all your other guests so introductions between the rest of your party are taken care of.

Don’t be afraid to delegate

Delegation is the key to making any event stress-free, after all why should you do it alone? Our dinner party catering service ensures your menu is taken care of so you can perfect your hosting skills and keep the heat of the kitchen at arm’s length. Even the most fabulous home cooks need a night off!

By choosing from our online store or working with our team to create a custom dinner party menu, you can harness great food with very little effort. The majority of our products are delivered ready to cook, with a great number of dishes also delivered ready to eat, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy an evening with your guests.

We understand that there is no substitute for home cooked food, and our professionals create a variety of high quality dishes that are healthy, tasty, and where possible made from seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

Keep stress levels to a minimum at your upcoming dinner party by enlisting the More More More team today!