5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Dinner Party Menu
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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Dinner Party Menu

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Dinner Party Menu

Dinner parties give individuals from all walks of life the chance to enjoy great food in even better company, however, being a dinner party host can be a difficult role to get right.

More More More provides dinner party catering in Newcastle to ensure every host has the help they need to put on a successful and enjoyable soiree for their nearest and dearest, and whilst we take care of the cooking, work still must be done to ensure your menu works well for each and every one of your guests. Here we offer our top tips for creating the perfect menu…

1. Simplicity = Success

When cooking the menu yourself, we would always advise keeping the dishes as simple as possible, after all a lot of things can go wrong with a solely experimental menu. Whilst a dinner party may seem like the perfect moment to show off your culinary skills through a range of a la carte style courses, sticking to dishes that you know you can cook well and that taste delicious will give your guests a real treat.

2. Hit the market

Quality is at the heart of what we do here at More More More, so why should it be any different in the comfort of your own home? By using high quality and locally sourced ingredients you can inject some extra flavour into every course, so hit the farmer’s market to start your menu planning expedition.

3. Avoid heavy dishes

Whilst you may want to fill your guests up with a selection of hearty courses, it’s always important to leave room for dessert. Opt for lighter dishes and don’t over phase your guests with huge portions to ensure each and every aspect of your menu can be appreciated. In addition to this, always finish strong on a great dessert.

4. Put your guests first

A menu should always be planned in consideration of your guests, and whilst everyone has their own opinions on what tastes good, taking preferences into account, particularly when it comes to special dietary requirements, is important.

5. Call in the caterers

Our specialist Newcastle-based dinner party service ensures every host can have their cake and eat it, providing great tasting meals minus the hassle. Our chefs are also on hand to help you develop a bespoke menu that works for your event so you can concentrate on being the perfect host.

Contact More More More today to discuss your upcoming event and look forward to gourmet dinner party food delivered to your door.