5 Ways to Go Organic Without Breaking the Bank
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5 Ways to Go Organic Without Breaking the Bank

5 Ways to Go Organic Without Breaking the Bank

When individuals consider introducing organic food into their diets, many think that such privileges come at a high price tag. However, going organic needn’t break the bank, in fact, buying the best quality produce within your budget is easier than ever to do. Here we share five top tips that will help you harness the many benefits that go hand-in-hand with eating organic food whilst keeping costs down…

Choose seasonal fruits and veggies

There are many benefits that come with eating what’s in season. The taste alone trumps produce that is grown out of season, and more importantly, seasonal fruits and vegetables, even the organic kind, are much easier on the wallet. Organic produce that is locally in season tends to be cheaper due to it being so readily available so do your research, take advantage of the variety and plan your meals around the best and freshest ingredients around.

Stay local…

Locally sourced ingredients that haven’t had to travel halfway across the world before reaching your fork tend to be much fresher, no matter how advanced the storage and transportation process has become. Particularly with organic produce, local is best, so obtaining your organically growth fruits and vegetables at source makes perfect sense. Even the smallest towns and villages, and most metropolitan cities, host regular farmers’ markets, allowing you to find locally sourced, organic food for a fraction of the price charged at your nearby grocery store or supermarket.

You may also be able to join locally based food co-operatives and associations, groups that tend to offer lower prices for organic produce to members in return for a small annual fee.

…but don’t forget to shop around

Whether you are shopping for car insurance or organic food, it certainly pays to shop around. Compare organic food items at your grocery store, farmers’ market and other outlets for the very best prices. Some chains even offer their own competitively priced organic brand, whilst the freezer aisle may be an unlikely haunt for organic food.

Make your food go further

Cooking in bulk is an easy and affordable way of making the most of organic ingredients, particularly if you have a large family to cater for. Larger batches can be divided into portions and eaten at a later date so you can enjoy all the organic goodness and keep costs down.

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