Looking for the best beef ever?
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Looking for the best beef ever?

Looking for the best beef ever?

Then look no further. At More More More we pride ourselves on top quality ingredients – we believe the flavour absolutely speaks for itself.

Last week we heard from Marjorie and John, who originally placed an order with us to serve up a delicious meal for their grandchildren. Marjorie, an excellent cook, recently had an operation on her hip which put her out of action when it came to kitchen duties. This meant that John, who had barely cooked a meal in his life, had to step up to the plate. Anxious for a little help, he employed the services of the More More More chefs to prep and create a mouth-watering meal, based around the central main course of parmesan, pancetta and spinach stuffed chicken and leaving him with just the simple task of heating and serving.

The couple were extremely impressed with the quality and John, encouraged by the ease of heating and serving the food, decided to host another meal, this time inviting some local farming friends to sample the food. John decided to up the ante this time and plumped for Beef Wellington, one of our most majestic dinner party centrepieces – a bold move considering one of his guests was a local beef farmer – served with dauphinoise potatoes and chargrilled broccoli. Read on to see what they thought…

Beef Wellington

Naturally, the guests, as well as Marjorie and John themselves, were delighted with the meal… here’s the feedback we received.

“Eleven out of ten! Wow, the food was out of this world! One of our dinner party guests, a beef farmer, said this was the best beef ever!”

Our current selection of beef main courses includes homemade burgers, the infamous Beef Wellington, steak and ale pie, beef bourginon and new addition, our Ancho chilli crusted beef fillet, so you’ll be sure to find a dish for everyone’s palate. Why not treat yourself today to a meal with class and quality, minus the hard work?