Cameron Diaz on real food
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Cameron Diaz on real food

Cameron Diaz on real food

real-food-cameron-diazThe lovely Cameron Diaz – a spokesperson for health and beauty if ever there was one – neatly summed up the importance of healthy eating in a recent interview. Miss Diaz, we couldn’t agree More; there’s simply no substitute for real, nutritious food cooked with the care and attention it deserves. Your diet isn’t just reflected in your weight, but in your health, complexion, mood and energy levels – the better you eat, the better you’ll look and feel. Here’s Miss Diaz on the underappreciated wisdom of “you are what you eat”:

“How old were you when you first heard the expression ‘You are what you eat’? I’ve been hearing it since I was a little kid, but back then I didn’t know that the food I ate had anything to do with how I felt, let alone that it literally powered the cells that powered me. Today I know better: If I eat garbage, I’m going to feel like garbage. If I eat good, healthy food full of energy, I’m going to be full of energy. Today, tomorrow and twenty years from now, your nutrition is worth your attention, because nutrition is health and health is everything.”

When you order from More More More you’re guaranteed a meal free of artificial nasties and brimming with fresh, top quality ingredients, lovingly cooked by professional chefs. Don’t have the time to cook up a storm seven nights a week? It’s time to say no to the processed ready meal and yes to the delicious, nutritious luxury of More More More! Here’s what Cameron has to say on the topic of real food:

“If we want to have good health, we must eat good, real, whole food. The great thing is we can eat for nutrition and enjoyment. You can eat food with flavours you crave while providing yourself with the nutrients your body craves. Real food. Good food. Delicious food. Chewy crunchy spicy glorious food. How? By avoiding fast food and processed food. Because they may have started out as food, but by the time they have been saturated with preservatives, painted neon with artificial colours and doused with fake flavours they aren’t actually food. They do not give you health. In fact, they don’t even really satisfy your hunger.”

And here at More More More, just like Cameron (AKA “the skinny”) we’re not afraid of fats in our food. Yes, this is healthy eating, but no, it isn’t bland, restrictive diet fare… you won’t have to look too hard to find butter, cream and olive oil amongst our ingredients. Not only are fats essential for providing a deep complexity of flavour, but when eaten in moderation they are positively good for you. Here’s Cameron on why we should, from time to time, embrace fats:

“There is so much joy in fats, and the creaminess and richness they add to a meal, so it’s a good thing there are many fats that are good for us. Since the 1980s, fat has been given a bad rap. But here are five fast facts about fats and why they are good for you.

Fat enhances the flavour and texture of food

Fat keeps your skin from being rough and scaly

Fat helps your body absorb vitamins

Fat provides you with fuel throughout the day

Fat boosts brainpower”

So, if you’re ready to look and feel better than ever, forget that trip to the gym – head on over to our online store and stock up on some hearty, healthy real food. If it works for Cameron Diaz it can work for you!