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Celebrate Father’s Day With More More More

Celebrate Father’s Day With More More More

Celebrate Father’s Day With More More More

Father’s Day is fast approaching  this year, giving us all approximately three weeks to get the perfect present done, dusted, signed, sealed AND delivered. It’s a day designed to celebrate the important men in your life; whether that be your Dad, your Grandad, your Uncle, and so on, who have had a significant role in your life. It is believed that the beginning of Father’s Day originated from the holding of special services in honour of Dad’s who had passed away in a mining accident in West Virginia in 1907. And since the 1960’s it has been said that the day has always been celebrated worldwide.

Now we all know that men can be notoriously difficult to buy for – and when you try to search for the best gifts to give on Father’s Day no surprise that SOCKS rank the highest! Here at More More More we want to offer more value than another pair of socks and we want to tell you all about our gift vouchers – they really are the gift that gives more… more, more!

More More More Gift Voucher

With our gift voucher you have the option of spending anywhere from £75 – £300 on delicious dishes. You can simply purchase your voucher straight from our website, put in your value and leave the rest up to us.

I Need Inspiration – What Dishes Can I Recommend To Him?

We have a varied selection of delicious dishes to treat the important man in your life, that take inspiration from all corners of the world. We thought we would help out by providing a short meal plan for inspiration so that you can surprise him with a restaurant-quality meal for the actual Sunday in addition to his gift voucher!


Vodka and Beetroot Cured Salmon

For a taste of something different, why not treat the significant male in your life to one of our Vodka and Beetroot Cured Salmon starters! Marinated in fresh beetroot and vodka makes for a versatile fish dish and definitely provides something to broaden your usual taste horizons. It is the ideal light canapes starter!

Tomato Soup

If you are looking for a more safe bet, then our rich blend of tomato soup is ALWAYS a guaranteed winner! A meal does not get more homely than a yummy tomato soup, and ours is definitely packed with plenty of flavour!

Celebrate Father’s Day With More More More


Chilli Crusted Fillet with Chilli Mushroom Sauce

There’s steak, then there’s More More More’s steak! If your Dad is a lover of his meat then one taste of our chilli crusted Northumberian fillet dripping in a chilli mushroom sauce and he will never go back to the same old steak again!

Teriyaki Beef Fillet

Our Teriyaki Beef Fillet brings together a mix of Asian flavours to leave you feeling wonderfully satisfied. Ideal for a summer dinner, served with fresh vegetables – it is the perfect light option!

Celebrate Father’s Day With More More More


Crispy, Sliced Potatoes with Herbs

For just £12.50 for four portions, our crispy potatoes drizzled with herbs are the perfect carb addition to any meal.

Chargrilled Broccoli

You can’t go wrong with a bit of greens added to your main meal – not only are they packed with many health benefits, with broccoli providing a great source of vitamin’s K and C, folic acids and providing potassium, fibre, builds collagen and many more –  the chargrilled broccoli dish provided by our chefs here at More More More are packed with flavour too!

Celebrate Father’s Day With More More More


White Chocolate and Blueberry Mousse

Gluten free, vegetarian AND absolutely scrumptious! What’s not to love about our white chocolate and blueberry mousse?! Rich and sweet, yet not heavy, it provides the perfect tang from the fresh blueberries. The perfect sweet ending to your meal!

Gooey Sunken Chocolate Fudge Torte

If Dad has a major sweet tooth then our chocolate fudge torte really is a dish not to be missed! Providing the perfect balance between comfort eating and gastronomic dining pleasure and just £2.50 per person!

Celebrate Father’s Day With More More More

Place Your Order

We hope by this point we have you itching to place your order and gift the man in your life with one of our valued gift vouchers! To place your order, simply head to our website to add your dishes to your basket, then leave the rest up to us! If you wish to discuss any dietary requirements with us or any other general enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0191 232 8695.  Bon Appetit everyone!