Dinner Party Planning
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Dinner Party Planning

Dinner Party Planning

Planning Your Dinner Party Menu to Perfection

As well as being the perfect host, presenting a good quality and beautifully cooked menu is always a coveted goal for anyone planning a dinner party. Whether you are hosting an informal gathering amongst close family and friends or putting on a bigger, more formal affair with all the bells and whistles, the menu can offer a definitive talking point amongst guests – but making sure your guests are discussing how great your food is isn’t easy.

The secret to a great menu that will really impress your guests is to plan every last detail, here we reveal what it takes to plan a dinner party menu to perfection…

Keep it simple

Whilst every dinner party host would love to impress with Michelin-star quality and intricate dishes, many more simply don’t have the skillset to deliver this standard. Dinner parties are not the time to experiment with complex dishes, instead aim to stick with what you know and plan a menu full of tried and tested favourites.

Taking this simplistic approach is the key to a successful menu, and will boost your confidence in cooking and allow you to spend as much time as possible with your guests.

Invest in the best

Whilst your dishes may be simple, using the best quality ingredients can add the real ‘wow’ factor. Always go as fresh as possible, and buy produce the day before or even on the day of your dinner party to ensure ultimate freshness. Supermarkets aren’t always the best choice for the freshest food, so head to your local grocery store or farmers market for the pick of the best.

Prepare in advance

Planning your dinner party menu is all about choosing dishes that can be prepared before your guests arrive, especially if you are cooking for a larger crowd. Prepare as much as you can in advance when it comes to your menu and opt for oven to table dishes like casseroles for added ease.

Don’t spread yourself too thinly

Utilising our tailor-made dinner party food can provide the perfect recipe for any successful at-home event. More More More provides chilled gourmet food delivered to your door, all of our dishes are ready to cook, so you can achieve amazing results with very little effort as well as 5 star reviews from all your guests.

Spreading yourself too thinly is an easy thing to do as a dinner party host, however, by enlisting our home delivered party food you can concentrate on being the hostess (or host) with the mostess.