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Dinner Party Themes to Try This Summer!

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Dinner Party Themes to Try This Summer!

Summer is the season for entertaining! Whether you’re hosting a BBQ or a Summer holiday get together with your nearest and dearest – we have some great themes to try this Summer…

Backyard Campfire Dinner Party

Create a campfire vibe at your next Summer dinner party. We guarantee your guests will love it! You can serve campfire themed dishes at this dinner party too! We personally love the idea of serving our baby back pork ribs with sticky BBQ glazeOur homemade BBQ sauce make these tender ribs a delight to grace any table either as a starter or a delightful main course. You don’t even need a real campfire to get involved in this one, simply gather some camping chairs or benches and put them around in a circle with a table in the middle (which you can use to sit the late-night nibbles on)!

Around The World Dinner Party

We love trying new dishes here at More More More, and if your guests do too then maybe you should consider an around the world theme for your next summer dinner party? This is a great theme for not only enjoying a variety of cuisines but also a perfect way to get your guests involved… And save you cooking by getting each guest to bring a dish inspired by a country they love with them! However, if you want to host the whole dinner party yourself and serve all the food, then we have another solution to save yourself from doing all the cooking! The dishes at More More More are freshly prepared for your enjoyment! All you need to do is put them in the oven. Our dishes have clear cooking instructions as well – so you really can’t go wrong!

Bohemian Brunch Party

This theme is all about the decor! Decorate your back garden in an array of flowers, fairy lights and soft furnishings and you’re already slaying this theme! This dinner party theme can work day or night – so whatever time you’re hosting your bohemian dinner party this theme is guaranteed to work! Here at More More More, we would recommend serving a selection of dishes at this dinner party…

Italian charcuterie

A decadent platter of assorted Italian cooked meats. Revel in the varied tastes and textures of salami Napoli, salami Milano, Parma ham and meltingly soft mortadella, accompanied by cornichons and mixed marinated olives.

Sweet potato and chickpea curry

A fragrant, healthy curry with real depth of flavour and just a touch of fire, made using sweet potatoes, chickpeas, coconut milk, our very own home-cooked rogan josh paste and more.

Nutty chocolate slab

A lovingly crafted slab of rich velvety Belgian chocolate, with mixed nuts, sweet dried fruits and tangy dried peel. This is great for sharing with a group of friends… get stuck in!

Place Your Order

If any of these dishes have tickled your tastebuds then simply head to our website to place your order today! Also let us know if you try any of these themes at your next summer dinner party and we would love to see your photographs!