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Inspiration for your Easter Appetite


Inspiration for your Easter Appetite

As we are vastly approaching Easter weekend, we are celebrating a four day week and what better way to welcome the long weekend than with plenty of delicious dishes to feast your eyes and feed your soul with. Today we have decided to put together a little meal plan to give you some inspiration for your next More More More order in time for the Easter holidays…


Weekend Meal Plan



Traditionally on Good Friday, meat is usually refrained from meal times and fish is a good substitute to replace it with. Why not try out our mouth-watering fresh Seared Tuna with Sicilian Vinaigrette and serve with a side of our Chargrilled Vegetable Couscous for a delicious light Spring dinner, followed by a bite of our Chocolate Brownie cake to leave you feeling satisfyingly full.



It’s Saturday night and that only means one thing! Steak night! Start your dinner with our vibrant and fresh Watercress Soup before indulging in our Seared Fillet Steak with a Tarragon and Parsley Dressing while washing down with one of our fruitful cocktail blends.



Easter Sunday is the big day to feast out on all the goodness! If a traditional roast dinner is not tickling your tastebuds today, why not go for something a little more alternative. To start, wet your appetite with our delicious Salmon Fishcakes with a Soy and Lime Dripping Sauce, following with our Baby Back Pork Ribs with a sticky BBQ Glaze and a side of Dauphinoise Potatoes before indulging in all the chocolate with our Gooey ‘sunken’ Chocolate Fudge Torte. And for extra measure, why not order a Nutty Chocolate Slab to settle those late night chocolate cravings while catching up on your favourite Netflix series.



Monday’s are the perfect day for comfort food! Curl up in a blanket in front of the television eating all of your favourite foods before heading back to work on Tuesday. Our Mac ‘n’ Cheese is the perfect accompaniment to those chilled nights, baked in carbs we have put our own little twist on the famous American dish by adding tomatoes and breadcrumbs for a little extra sweetness and crunch. And if we’re going the whole hog with the main then why not amp it up for the sweet and treat yourself to a classic Rice Pudding! Our vegetarian, gluten free dessert is velvety in texture, rich in flavour and oh so comforting! Try it for yourself!

Place Your Order

To place your order for the weekend simply head to our website and select the choices you are eager to try, choose your delivery date then sit back and let us do the rest! We would love to see what you have ordered so please do tag us in your Instagram snap before you sit down to eat and tell us what you thought!