Easy dinner party food with an Italian twist
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Easy dinner party food with an Italian twist

Easy dinner party food with an Italian twist

At More More More we create easy dinner party food for you. We like to think that we offer classic dishes with a few new and exciting options for you to sample at the same time. Why not order something that you’ve never tried before and you might be pleasantly surprised.

In Italy, it is all about the wonderful flavours of the food speaking for itself and impressing your tastebuds along the way. One simple classic is a board of Italian charcuterie that has an assorted mix of cooked meats. This also comes with cornichons and mixed marinated olives to give it that true Italian feel.

Or if you are dining with any vegetarian guests then why not try these field mushrooms that are filled with dolcelatte, parmesan and cream. This starter is not only great for vegetarians but for all your dinner party guests and it will keep it easier as everyone can eat the same starter.

When it comes to main courses, we couldn’t create Italian menu items without a great selection of pasta and pasta sauces. More More More offer the classic lasagne in 3 different flavours so you can try something new. We also understand how long it can take to create a homemade pasta sauce which is why we’ve created sauces for you but with much less additives and sugar so you can feel good about what you’re eating.

More More More also have a range of chicken and fish dishes if you were looking for something to impress your dinner party guests. Our pesto stuffed chicken wrapped in Parma ham or our parmesan, pancetta and spinach stuffed chicken are perfect for dinner parties and are much easier than having to stuff the chicken yourself and creating a mess in your kitchen. We also have a chicken, tomato and olive bake that is perfect for those more relaxed evenings this summer.

If you’re looking for something a little different then why not try our seared tuna with Sicilian vinaigrette? This is perfect for those foodie dinner party guests that you secretly want to impress.

Enjoy an Italian sweet treat with our salted caramel panna cotta that gives the classic Italian dessert a new twist. Our simple ricotta torte with honey and walnut drizzle goes perfectly with coffee at the end of the meal. Or if you’re looking for something really indulgent then why not order our blueberry and mascarpone cheesecake that’s made with a biscotti base.