Gourmet Meals Delivered to Your Door
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Gourmet Meals Delivered to Your Door

Gourmet Meals Delivered to Your Door

Our new and exciting concept has turned the dinner party scene on its head, you no longer have to slave away in the kitchen to create a memorable event that is full of flavour. With More More More’s fresh and fabulous service gourmet meals are delivered to your door and being ready to cook and sometimes ready to eat, hosts can sit back, relax and enjoy delicious dishes without the hassle.

Here we answer the all-important questions on every host’s lips so you can make sense of our service and make your next event a food lover’s dream…

How did More More More get started?

Our company is the brainchild of Antony and Fiona Michaelides, two food industry professionals who are striving to make great food and complex restaurant-quality dishes simple. Here at More More More, we believe that great food should be a part of every dinner party, regardless of what skills you have in the kitchen.

What dishes are available?

Whatever your taste we have an array of amazing dishes all crafted from the finest ingredients, from delicious starters like salmon mousse with pickled cucumber right through to melt in your mouth chocolate fudge torte for dessert. As well as choosing from our popular dishes online, you can also utilise our bespoke dining service so you can create your dream meal and let our experts cook it!

How do I order?

Orders can be placed through our online store, these dishes are then prepared from our Newcastle-based Assembly Rooms headquarters and the gourmet meals delivered to your door. If you are looking to build your own menu, this can also be submitted online.

Is our service right for you?

From busy mums to hard-working professionals, More More More customers come from all walks of life but one thing’s for certain – great food is something that they are not willing to compromise on. We make life easier for those that have demanding lifestyles but still want to entertain family, friends and work colleagues at various soirées. We know just how much work goes into events like dinner parties and aim to take care of one important factor so you can concentrate on your guests.

It’s not just dinner parties and special occasions that we cater for, individuals that just love to eat delicious meals can take advantage of our gourmet meals delivered to your door without spending their evenings slaving away over a hot stove.

 To find out more about our unique service please contact us on 0191 232 8695 or email info@mmm.solveit.org.uk.