How to Be a Great Dinner Party Host
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How to Be a Great Dinner Party Host

How to Be a Great Dinner Party Host

As TV shows like Come Dine With Me demonstrate, being the perfect dinner party host isn’t always easy! As well as delivering a half decent meal, the host must be able to cater to every guests’ needs keeping them entertained and satisfied between each and every course.

Here we explore the dos and don’ts of hosting your dinner party with ease and elegance.

Do make lists

As with any event, planning makes perfect and whilst you can’t prepare for all eventualities (things do burn in the kitchen and wine does get spilt), you can be as prepared as possible on some fronts to give you every chance of a smooth running evening.

Lists are a dinner party host’s best friend so make your to-do lists several days before. Make sure cooking as much as possible beforehand is at the top of that list – unbeknown to many, the number one dinner party guest complaint is missing their host’s company at the table, not being served terrible food! In addition to this, the presentation and layout of the dinner table can be completed the night before so you can concentrate on refining your hosting skills.

Don’t be afraid of themes

Introducing a theme to your dinner party may sound a little cheesy, however it can really tie together your entire night. It’s not easy planning a menu, providing appropriate entertainment and bridging the gap between formal and fun, and for informal gatherings themes can ensure some great dinner party food ideas.

Do mingle

As we’ve mentioned being a good host is not just about the food, a huge part of your role at a dinner party is to make everyone feel important and to introduce members of your party that may not have met before. Mingle and spend as much time with your guests as possible.

Always ask for help

For informal gatherings amongst friends and family members, don’t be shy about asking your guests to bring a dish to ease your burden as dinner party host. However, if you want to impress at all occasions there’s no shame in asking for a little help! Here at More More More, we provide real, restaurant quality food for home delivery. Having dinner party food delivered may sound like cheating but every little helps in your quest to become the perfect host.

Our home delivered gourmet food is all made from the finest and freshest ingredients, and we even use locally sourced produce where possible for that true, authentic taste. Take the hassle out of playing host with our online store and dinner party service.