Hosting Your First Dinner Party? How to Make Your Debut a Roaring Success
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Hosting Your First Dinner Party? How to Make Your Debut a Roaring Success

Hosting Your First Dinner Party? How to Make Your Debut a Roaring Success

The dinner party has been the ultimate way to entertain guests and show off your hosting skills for decades, and when the bright lights of local nightclubs fail to excite you any more, a dinner party offers the ideal environment to catch up with family, friends and colleagues.

Throwing your very first dinner party can be rather daunting, after all there’s more than just the table decorations to think about. Cooking up a storm in the kitchen comes easy to some but when presenting a dinner party a host has to have eyes and ears everywhere to make this at home event a success. Here we offer our essential tips to making your dinner party debut unforgettable.

Plan every last detail

Organisation both before and during your dinner party will make all the difference, and whilst a dinner party doesn’t have to have the rigid timescales of say a corporate event, it helps to have a clear idea of where your time should be spent.

Draw up a time plan and if you are cooking all or part of the meal yourself, devise a programme that will make sure you spend only the necessary amount of time in the kitchen and dedicate most of your evening to your guests.

Do most of your prep before your guests arrive

As well as having a carefully planned idea of how your evening will pan out, spending as much time as you can prepping your event before your guests arrive is important, after all you don’t want to ignore the individuals that you have invited to dinner.

Completing any do-ahead tasks will ensure you can have a relaxing and enjoyable evening with your guests, and emerge from the kitchen with your dishes without feeling flustered.

Consider your menu carefully

Taking into account each guest’s likes and dislikes as well as any special dietary requirements they may have is important. Always ask about the ingredients that your guests can’t eat and plan your menu accordingly to ensure your evening doesn’t finish in the emergency room!

Get a helping hand

Enlisting a professional to help with your dinner party catering shouldn’t be considered cheating, being a good host should always come first. Our gourmet food delivery service ensures hosts across the UK mainland have one less thing to contend with.


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