How to Make Your Dinner Party Truly Spectacular
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How to Make Your Dinner Party Truly Spectacular

How to Make Your Dinner Party Truly Spectacular

Every host wants their dinner party to be the talk and toast of the town, and whether you are planning a gathering amongst friends, family, colleagues or even acquaintances, the planning and execution doesn’t get any easier!

More More More is a dinner party catering service designed to take the hassle out of any event, and our custom packages and convenient online store ensures every host can strike the right balance on the night. But what makes a dinner party truly spectacular? Here our specialist team reveal the factors that will leave your guests wanting more!

Make everyone a special guest

Thinking about the food and entertainment that your guests will love will make you an instant hit on the dinner party scene. Whilst many hosts may be tempted to opt for their favourite dishes, putting your guests at the forefront of your plans will earn you extra brownie points.

When it comes to planning your menu make sure you are clued up on the dietary requirements that each and every one of your guests may have and tailor your menu accordingly. In the same breath, don’t force your own dietary preferences on others, not everyone will appreciate your gluten free, low fat menu!

Tis the season

Utilising seasonal produce will guarantee a menu packed full of delicious dishes. Staying true to the food seasons will not only ensure the flavours of your starter, main and dessert really pack a punch but it will also be cheaper too. Here at More More More, we aim to use the very best produce to create all our dishes and where possible we use locally sourced and seasonal ingredients to ensure the gourmet meals delivered to your door are of the highest standard and offer your guests the very best taste.

Make it homemade

It’s easy to think that enlisting a dinner party food delivery service means cutting corners on the homemade aspect of your menu, however, with More More More you can rest assured that our dishes will be as homemade as the ones you cook up. We go the extra mile on your behalf and all our homemade, gourmet meals are certain to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

It’s all in the detail

It’s a common fact that everyone eats with their eyes before their stomach gets a look in, so make each and every one of your dishes a feast at first glance with great presentation. Taking time to refine the finishing touches can turn the simplest dish into something special so use homemade extras and garnishes to dress each course.