Our Customer's Favourites!
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Our Customer’s Favourites!

dinner party

Our Customer’s Favourites!

Here at More More More, we are used by many to provide delicious dishes for dinner parties, family get-togethers or even cosy night ins.



Lime leaf chicken with sweet chilli sauce

Skewers of tender, marinated chicken breast pieces and kaffir lime leaves, with a sweet and aromatic chilli dipping sauce with an unforgettable flavour. Simply char-grill and serve these succulent skewers for a truly mouth-watering starter.


Red onion and goats cheese tart

Roasted red onion and goats cheese perched on flaky puff pastry is divine for a simple starter or a light lunch.



Baked chicken with lemon and spinach

A family meal in itself. A no-fuss favourite simply bake, put in the middle of the table and tuck in!


Chilli and ginger salmon

The blend of stem ginger and chilli makes this dish a sensational, tangy dinner party must!


Chargrilled salmon with coriander & mint yoghurt

Succulent pink salmon fillets, chargrilled to perfection and accompanied by wonderfully refreshing coriander and mint yoghurt sauce. Fish lovers of every persuasion will all but die and go to heaven when they bite into these tender fillets! You don’t HAVE to tell your guests you didn’t make them…


Side Dishes

Crispy, sliced potatoes with herbs

Crispy potatoes with hardy herbs and butter. A great side dish that will accompany a variety of mains.


Roasted root vegetables with maple syrup

A hearty, healthy accompaniment to any meal, this dish is a homage to the humble root vegetable which will see you through even the coldest winter evenings. A selection of butternut squash, carrots, banana shallots, parsnips and the increasingly popular kohlrabi, all roasted to perfection with a coating of maple syrup. All of which is guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart.



Chocolate macaroon and orange torte

A crispy macaroon base topped with a sumptuous chocolate mousse flavoured with orange, a great dessert for a dinner party or simply enjoyed with coffee.


Orange and saffron sand cake

This light, moist and flavoursome “sand cake” is simply brilliant for afternoon tea, but works just as well served at a dinner party with a dollop of whipped cream. Saffron, orange and honey combine to provide a uniquely delicious taste.