Create the Perfect Date Night on More More More!
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Create the Perfect Date Night on More More More!

Create the Perfect Date Night on More More More!

When you think of ‘date night’ what springs to mind first? Is it the expense that it can sometimes bear? The effort, even? Well here at More More More we know all too well that it is super easy to get caught up in everyday life and get stuck into a routine, forgetting to pay attention to the finer details of our relationships and simply doing the smallest of favours or effort that can sometimes make the biggest difference! Why not save yourself the bother of going food shopping after work to stand over the oven cooking a meal from scratch – and instead just visit our website to order a restaurant quality meal that can be cooked fresh and delivered to your door by yours truly… and enjoy your romantic evening at home in your comfiest clothes. Today we have put together a meal plan to give you some ideas of what you can order from us to make it a date night to impress!



Start your evening with a refreshing tipple after a long day at work. Our home cocktail selection offers a variety of different spirits and liqueurs to suit your palette and your choice of meal that evening. Why not try our classic Sugar Snap Daisy mix which is a combination of Sugar Snap pea infused with Ketel One Vodka, Mint, Lime and Sugar. Perfect for a Spring evening!




You can’t go wrong with a delicious soup for a starter option! Try our fresh and clean Celeriac and Parsley Soup for a light start to your meal for just £12.00 for four portions, leaving plenty of room for the main course and dessert.



Tickle your tastebuds with our yummy Indonesian Coconut Chicken for just £8.13 per person, infused with the aromas of lemongrass, ginger and garlic to give your plus one a tasty culinary experience. Accompany the chicken with a side of Roasted Vegetables with Feta and Orange for a tangy but fruity twist, simply cook for 10-15 minutes at 180 and you’re sorted!  



Finish your meal with our unique Chocolate and Pistachio Cake perfect for adding that extra oomph to a chocolate dessert. The rich and luxurious cake is both Gluten Free and brimming with flavour. With no need to chill, defrost or even heat – it’s good to go out of the packaging!



With a meal plan like this your date night sure is going to impress and remind you of how simple it is to invest just a little extra time into your loved one and create easy, fun memories! And if your significant other has enjoyed this date night idea as much as us, then why not purchase one of our gift vouchers for them?! The perfect little pick-me-up after a busy week to treat themselves to restaurant-quality delicious dishes!