How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Party at Home
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How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Party at Home

How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Party at Home

Tis the season for great food and great company, and the holiday season simply wouldn’t be the same without a good knees-up!

Hosting a Christmas themed party at home is a great way to entertain friends, family members and work colleagues that have their own commitments on Christmas day. But just like planning an event there are a selection of golden rules that must be followed to make your Christmas party a success…

Start planning early

Hosting a Christmas party isn’t as simple as getting everyone together over a quick cup of egg nog, due to the chaos of the season planning has to start sooner rather than later. Send your invitations out at least one month before you plan to host the event, after all everyone’s calendar will be filling up fast for December, including your own!

Remember a little planning can go a long way so be realistic with your budget and take steps to prepare well in advance.

Create something unique

Whilst a Christmas themed party may not be the most original idea, there are various ways that décor and the wider theme can be tweaked to make a seasonal party worth remembering.

How you decorate your home can make an impact on guests long before your menu is even served so think outside the box to add a unique, festive touch. For example, vases filled with cranberries and baubles make for an elegant Christmas look. You can also add a range of twists to your party to make it an extra special experience for your guests. Goody bags are an excellent way to inject some sentimental value into your party, particularly smaller gatherings where you can customise its contents.

Call in the professionals

Everyone could do with a little help when planning an event, and organising a Christmas party is by no means an exception. Thanks to More More More’s gourmet dinner party food delivered, we can take care of one vital aspect.

Our team puts on a mean spread, and our festive themed dishes will inspire all that come to your home. We can also work with you one-on-one to ensure we develop a festive menu that works for you and your guests.

To find out more about our unique gourmet food delivery service, please browse our online shop or contact us today to start the menu planning process.