More More More supermarket taste challenge
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More More More supermarket taste challenge

More More More supermarket taste challenge

Last night we organised a fun tasting experiment, comparing our versions of popular ready meals to versions currently available from one of the country’s leading supermarket chains. We chose a supermarket which is widely considered as one of the most luxurious supermarket chains in the UK. For this taste comparison challenge, we invited local food and lifestyle bloggers to come and try a couple of our classic and comforting home-cooked and well loved meals – lasagne and shepherd’s pie. For the purpose of comparison, we purchased a large supermarket lasagne and 2 small cottage pies (shepherd’s pie was unavailable).

Presentation often promises a lot. From the supermarket’s packaging of their lasagne and cottage pie one would expect a tasty, neatly presented meal which would look and taste good after heating in the oven.

More More More supermarket taste challengeWhat transpired on heating, however, was a series of sloppy, bubbling and ugly trays of what can only be described as mess. Our hand piped mashed potato on the shepherd’s pie forms a thick and luxurious topping, keeping all the juicy meat and gravy neatly hidden within whilst our lasagne, made with fresh pasta sheets, browns¬†beautifully on top and maintains its layered form.

“Now now”, we hear you say, “looks aren’t everything”. Too right – the proof lay within the eating. Appealing looking food is always a bonus, but really it’s the taste that counts, right? Well, there really was no comparison – the dishes tasted NOTHING alike, surprise surprise. The supermarket lasagne became sloppy and slimy on heating, with far too much bland bechamel sauce and nowhere near enough meat, veg, tomato sauce and seasoning where as our version boasted visible chunks of rustic veg, prime Northumberland steak mince and a deliciously cheesy topping. Likewise with the cottage/shepherd’s pie – the store-bought version consisted of bland, under-seasoned mince and watery gravy which flooded over the mash (more like ‘mush’) topping whilst our More More More shepherd’s pie kept its form beautifully, with robust piped mashed potato to top off the rich and luxurious minced lamb, winter veggies and meaty gravy.

‘Ready meals’ are, by nature, meant to be convenient – but who says trawling around a supermarket to pick up dinner is convenient in this day and age? Why risk not knowing when, how or where your meal was prepared?¬†Remember, we cook all your deliveries fresh to order, can happily adjust and tailor dishes to your personal requirements and deliver, direct to your door, on the day of your choosing. Home cooking without the hassle has never been more convenient or delicious, so don’t delay, order with More More More today!