The Gourmet Mains Designed to Make Your Mouth Water
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The Gourmet Mains Designed to Make Your Mouth Water

The Gourmet Mains Designed to Make Your Mouth Water

Whether you are looking to take the hassle out of hosting a dinner party or want to sample the finer things in life during that night in, our gourmet meal delivery service offers the crème de la crème of cuisine. From our Newcastle-upon-Tyne headquarters, our team of professional chefs create and deliver a selection of beautiful dishes all of which have been designed to make your taste buds tingle and quite possibly do somersaults.

Our selection of mains is second to none, but which dishes can you look forward to enjoying when you enlist More More More’s gourmet meal delivery service? Here we offer a rundown of our top gourmet mains, but beware they could leave you drooling at the mouth!

Seared tuna in Sicilian vinaigrette

Sicilian cuisine is renowned for its freshness and flavour, and we are delighted to bring this distinctive taste of Italy to Newcastle and the rest of the UK mainland with this delicious dish. Using the freshest tuna loin, lovingly seared on the outside, this dish reflects Sicilian cuisine at its best. Seasoned with Sicilian inspiration and containing capers, anchovies and mint, the vinaigrette is the perfect complement to a great cut of fish.

Spanish braised lamb shank

Taking inspiration from another European country, this is braised lamb shank like you’ve never seen it before. The butter bean and chorizo sauce will take you to the foothills of the Catalan Pyrenees, thanks to this hearty dish with an artisan twist.

Chilli crusted fillet

No gourmet menu would be complete without our old friend, the fillet steak, but this isn’t just any fillet dish. Using Northumbrian fillet, the steak alone is bursting with flavour. The fresh cut of meat is further complemented with a chilli crust plus our delectable chilli and mushroom sauce – delicious!

Sweet potato and chickpea curry

For those who don’t eat meat, many gourmet menus can often leave you uninspired but our sweet potato and chickpea curry is guaranteed to make even meat lovers jealous. Cooked in coconut milk and our homemade Rogan Josh sauce, this flavoursome dish is certain to warm your cockles!

Parmesan, pancetta and spinach chicken

The perfect addition to any dinner party menu, stuffed chicken is a guaranteed hit with your family, friends and anyone else who wants to join the party. A popular dish in our gourmet meal delivery service, the chicken breasts are filled with the very best parmesan, pancetta and spinach, with mouth-watering results.

Haven’t found the gourmet main of your dreams just yet? We have a range of delicious dishes on offer, visit our online store for details.