The Homemade Pantry Products That Everyone Should Have
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The Homemade Pantry Products That Everyone Should Have

The Homemade Pantry Products That Everyone Should Have

Whether you are looking to add an authentic touch to your upcoming dinner party or want to make every meal you cook at home gourmet, creating your very own larder is a must for individuals from all walks of life. But slaving over a hot stove to create your own homemade sweet and savoury treats isn’t for everyone, that’s where our gourmet food delivery service comes in!

Here at More More More, we provide home cooked food delivered straight to your door, and whilst we are renowned dinner party caterers, we also take time to create the products that no well-stocked larder should be without. Here we give you a rundown of just five of the homemade pantry products that you should try so you can add plenty of fun, flavour and colour to your diet.


We create and stock a number of homemade jams, and whether you are spreading it on a buttered slice of toast or adding a generous dollop to rice pudding, our jams are the perfect way to top a snack or dessert. Choose from our gooseberry and elderflower jam, classic raspberry jam or blackberry and apple jam.


Our homemade piccalilli is a far cry from the radioactive looking, shop brought products you find on your supermarket shelves. Our chefs use a range of vegetables, spices and natural flavours to create an unmistakable tang. Team this homemade piccalilli with our chicken liver parfait or scotch eggs for a tasty snack.

Red cabbage

Pickled cabbage is one product that many either love or hate, but our homemade spiced red cabbage uses natural ingredients to ensure you can enjoy a taste explosion. Our pickled cabbage uses coriander seeds, juniper berries and a few all-natural secret ingredients to provide the perfect accompaniment to meat, fish and cheese dishes.

Fruit compote

Using a mixture of dried figs, apricots and prunes, our fruit compote offers a tasty tang that works with Greek yogurt as a snack or adds a fruity twist to your breakfast cereal or porridge. Available for just £7.50 for a 350ml jar, you can enjoy this homemade treat without the hassle thanks to our home cooked food delivered.


Looking to start the day off right? Our homemade breakfast granola is packed full of goodness and is super tasty too. Our special recipe uses rolled oats, nuts, dried fruits and much, much more for a fruity start to the day.

Enjoy our full range of pantry products by buying online today.