How to Throw a Stunning Dinner Party in Under an Hour!!! | More More More...
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How to Throw a Stunning Dinner Party in Under an Hour!!!

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How to Throw a Stunning Dinner Party in Under an Hour!!!

‘Under an hour?!’- I can already hear you screaming!!! Deep breaths please, throwing a stunning dinner party in under an hour is absolutely possible… thanks to More More More..! Here at More More More… our philosophy is founded on the notion of our clients enjoying themselves with as little work as possible, because we cook so that you don’t have too. We believe in stress-free eating, and thanks to our home delivery food service you can have restaurant-quality food delivered right to your door with no further effort than turning the oven on. So put down the wooden spoon and let us do all the work!

With our tailor-made dinner party set menus, you really can host a stunning dinner party in under an hour, because our service allows you to focus on all the far more important things – eating, drinking and socialising of course! If you find yourself at the end of the week with a burning desire to get a few friends over for an impromptu Friday night feast, but also know you won’t be home before 6pm – don’t panic because we have it all under control in the cuisine department! With the busy lives that we lead these days, we have compiled our guide to throwing an easy and elegant dinner party in under an hour…

#1 Don’t forget to put the oven on!

Here at More More More…all of our food comes pre-prepared and packaged with simple cooking instructions, with most options requiring as little as popping them in the oven. All you need to make sure to do when you arrive home and begin setting up is to preheat the oven. With the food sorted, last-minute entertaining because extremely simple. There’s no need to be sweating over a stove all evening and rushing in and out of the kitchen away from your guests, you can instead enjoy the experience.

#2 Decor

If you’re typically a detailed oriented host, don’t panic because it is still possible to put on an aesthetically beautiful event with minimal time and effort. No one’s expecting to walk into The Ritz so don’t get frantic, take advantage of the natural charm of your home. Pile the kid’s toys into a nifty cupboard and decorate the table with you mismatched dishware and candles, it actually makes for a funky look and relaxed, homely environment for your guests.

#3 Entertainment

Don’t panic that you haven’t pre-booked Penn and Teller dinner party entertain doesn’t have to be some sort of spectacle. Some lighthearted games always go down well so well the cards and old school board games out and get everyone chatting away with some after dinner competition.  

#4 Let your guests serve themselves!

We can often get overzealous with dinner parties these days and feel under pressure to present an exquisite Michelin starred dish. However, it’s not necessary at all! With the food all prepared, service is your only requirement so don’t over complicate that process either.  At the end of the day, sharing is caring, so why not let your guests dig in and help themselves by putting the food out on the table for self-service. It enables people to eat as much or as little as they want and pick the things that they know they like themselves – all creating a far more relaxed guest experience.

#5 And… Cheers!

Another great tip for a last minute dinner party is to keep wine on hand in your home when you can. It can save a great deal of time rushing to the shop if you have a couple of bottles of red and white on hand for when your guests arrive. They don’t need to be expensive or impressive options, just have in your personal favorites that you would happily drink on a typical evening. When everyone piles in open a bottle of something, pour a glass and relax with your guests!
We have all thrown gatherings that can take over a week to prepare for and a large budget. But, sometimes it’s far better (and easier!) to keep things simple. Don’t feel like you’re cheating, because at the end of the day who will ever find out- we won’t tell if you don’t! If this sounds like your kind of dinner party, take a look at our array of dining options or contact us today to enquire.