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Tips for throwing the perfect Christmas dinner party

Tips for throwing the perfect Christmas dinner party

‘Tis the season to host a dinner party! Gathering together with friends and family in the comfort of your own home and hosting a Christmas dinner party is a lovely way to enjoy the festive season. However, planning the perfect dinner party can lead to a lot of stress with cleaning, cooking, taking care of guests, and wanting your home to look its best. That’s where More More More comes in! We are dinner party experts, so for those planning a snowy soiree, simply follow our guide and you will be sure to wow your guests this Christmas…

#1 Let us do the cooking!

Here at More More More… our philosophy is founded on the notion of our clients enjoying themselves with as little work as possible, because we cook so that you don’t have too! We believe in stress-free eating, and thanks to our home delivery food service you can have restaurant-quality food delivered right to your door with no further effort than turning the oven on. So put down the wooden spoon and let us do all the work this Christmas!

With our tailor-made dinner party set menus, you really can host a stunning dinner party with minimal effort, because our service allows you to focus on all the far more important things – eating, drinking and socialising of course!  All of our food comes pre-prepared and packaged with simple cooking instructions, with most options requiring as little as popping them in the oven. All you need to make sure to do when you arrive home and begin setting up is to preheat the oven. With the food sorted, last-minute entertaining because extremely simple. There’s no need to be sweating over a stove all evening and rushing in and out of the kitchen away from your guests, you can instead enjoy the experience.

#2 Set the scene!

Festive decor is a vital aspect of any Christmas celebration. Set the scene for your guests to be transported to a holiday haven. Deck the halls with cheerful ornaments, twigs of holly and so forth. Add the joyful sounds of holiday songs to create comfort and to get your guests in the celebratory spirit. Sticking to a theme is a fun way to build ambiance for your dinner. Keep things casual with a Christmas pajama party or opt for a more formal dinner with a silver and white winter wonderland theme. Whatever you decide, impress your guests by keeping your theme consistent throughout the dinner with table linens, tree ornaments and candles or flowers to match!

#3 Set the tone!

Set the tone of your evening with a festive playlist. Enjoy a good mix of music for all tastes and start slow, building up to more upbeat classics towards the end of the evening.

#4 Christmas Cocktails!

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a mixologist, grab a shaker and get making your very own signature cocktails! There are an array of recipes on the internet to give you some inspiration. Alternatively, if you don’t think bartending is your forte, More More More are at hand once again with our very own cocktail range. From the ‘Bright Spark’ to the ‘Mystical Garden’ you will be sure to show your guests a good night!

#4 Lighting!

Using a lot of candles and tealights is a great way to create atmosphere. Turn down the main light and create a sparkly glow with low lighting, adding fairy lights or led flameless candles if you are afraid someone may knock real candles over. Use a fragranced candle and add a Christmassy scent to your evening.

We hope you enjoyed our top tips for throwing the perfect Christmas party! Here at More More More, we are all about making our customers lives as easy and stress-free as possible so if you are planning a your Christmas party and want to wow your guests, then let More More More come to your rescue and sample our food delivery service  We have a full range of dinner party meals that can be delivered straight to your door so it couldn’t be simpler than popping them in the oven. Take a look at our website or contact us today for more information.