Food and drink trends for Summer 2018 | More More More
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Food and drink trends for Summer 2018


Food and drink trends for Summer 2018

With recent lifestyle changes coming into action, such as the sugar tax, a lot of people’s attitude towards food and drink is changing. We’ve already seen some healthy food trends over the years, like the avocado craze. But this Summer we are ready for some even bigger health crazes, here is a list of the top summer food and drink trends this year.

Locally sourced ingredients

One of the biggest growing food trends is creating delicious dishes with locally sourced ingredients. Knowing where your ingredients are coming from is becoming consumers top priority. We expect to see this trend evolve into consumers sourcing their own ingredients – which is already happening! Here at More More More, all our ingredients are locally sourced where possible, we always obtain the highest quality ingredients.

Meatless dishes

The amount of people deciding to switch up their diet and incorporate plant-based aspects into it is massively increasing this summer. More specifically, people are now looking to convert their lifestyle choices and become a vegetarian. The rise of vegetarians has significantly increased over recent years and is set to carry on increasing. One of the main trends we are currently seeing is faux meat burgers, and other meatless ‘meat dishes’ such as; faux fish and vegan cheese to be used as a topper for faux burgers and also pizza.

Fermented foods

Fermented foods are a great way to help your gut, and they are making a comeback in recent years! Although fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi aren’t the most appealing, research shows that they are slowly becoming more popular and well-known. You’ve probably been eating fermented foods your whole life but never known about it – however, fermenting your own food is new thing, and people are very eager to try it!

Non-alcoholic beverages

Non-alcoholic drinks are on the rise, it is forecasted that health-conscious millennials are drinking alcohol less and less. Instead of serving alcoholic drinks this summer, it is becoming more popular to serve tonic waters with interesting flavours. Mocktails and fruity cordials remain still as popular as ever to serve at a summer dinner party.