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Our Top Dinner Party Trends for 2018!

dinner party trends

Our Top Dinner Party Trends for 2018!

There may still be three months left of the year but by god has 2018 flown by! Here at More More More… we have had a fabulous year thus far and most certainly started as we meant to go on as the United Kingdom’s dinner party guru! Through our blog postings, we have brought summer dinner party ideas, dinner party preparation tips and many many more. This time, we have pooled all our top ideas and would like to bring you the More More More… low down of the top dinner party trends for 2018! Get organising…

Trend #1 Feast, not Fuss

We can often get overzealous with dinner parties these days and consider a spending splurge and sophisticated dishes to be a measure of a good host. However, it’s entirely untrue! It is becoming increasingly popular to keep things simple and informal and steer clear of the temptation for putting on a three course spectacular in favour of sharing platters. At the end of the day, sharing is caring, so why not let your guests dig in and help themselves by putting a nibbling feast out on the table. It enables people to eat as much or as little as they want and pick the things that they know they like themselves – all creating a far more relaxed guest experience. There are some great sharing recipes out there so put the coq au vin down and give this trend a go.

Trend #2 Make it Unique

Have you been on an exciting trip recently? Why not draw some inspiration from your travels and put on a unique dinner party inspired by the country you have visited. Trying out the foods of other cultures can be great fun and an interesting twist for guests – plus what a great talking point! From Vietnamese to Mexican give this exoitic new dinner party trend a go!

Trend #3 Makeshift Bar

Bring the bar right into your home by constructing your very own bar cart! Bar carts are now an uber trendy addition to any home, but they are also a great novelty item to roll out for a dinner party. There are a number of stylish designs available online so order yours and start stocking up. This could be a fabulous and super classy way to welcome your dinner party guests with their favorite cocktail or spirit and set the tone for the evening. Plus, they are mobile! So simply rolling it into the dinning room when the food is served and keep the drinks flowing all night long.

Trend #4 Keep it Healthy

Considering the health conscious society we now live in it is now becoming increasingly popular to keep the diets going well into the dinner party. Guests commonly arrive with specific dietary requirements, or you could be hosting for vegetarians or even vegan so why not try something different and accommodate rather than stress over these food tastes. It can be easy to find healthy and delicious recipes across the web now so why not keep everyone happy and go for a health-conscious dinner party theme!

If you are planning a dinner party soiree and want to wow your guests, let More More More… come to your rescue – because we cook so you don’t have too! We have a full range of dinner party meals that can be delivered straight to your door so it couldn’t be simpler than popping them in the oven. Take a look at our website or contact us today for more information.