The Ultimate Dinner Party Do’s and Don’ts
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The Ultimate Dinner Party Do’s and Don’ts

The Ultimate Dinner Party Do’s and Don’ts

Dinner parties offer the ideal way to celebrate good food and great company with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, however, playing host isn’t for the faint hearted. There are thousands of articles littering the net detailing how to prepare your party to perfection but none offer a definitive list of what you should and shouldn’t do when the big day arrives.

We’re here to help you on your way to dinner party success, as experts in the dinner party catering field we help hosts plan and deliver a menu that their guests will love, and our ultimate list of dinner party do’s and don’ts will help you with everything else!

Do create a playlist

Music can be a powerful accompaniment to your menu and to the entire atmosphere of the evening so take some time to create a bespoke playlist that will fit the mood. Your music tastes may change if you are dining with family and friends or people from work so think carefully about your music choices and the playlist order. Aim to inspire with every track and hit play when the doorbell rings ensuring you have enough tunes to last all evening, whatever time the last guest leaves!

Don’t leave anything to the last minute

A lack of preparation will only turn you into a frantic host come party day so plan ahead with every aspect, from sending out invites and fine turning your menu to hiring the entertainment and setting the table. The less things you have to do on the day, the more relaxed and enjoyable your evening will be. Remember there’s no need to go it alone, More More More offers a selection of high quality and delicious gourmet meals delivered to your door.

Do make room for one more

Open dinner party invitations may seem like a dinner party no-no but leaving space for an extra guest and ordering extra food can increase the mood of the evening, whether the extra guest is a single friend or a drop-in appearance, share the love and invite them with open arms to the table. After all you can always opt for smaller portions, and if there are no surprise appearances the extra food can be used for second helpings – yum!

Don’t scrimp on presentation

When presenting the food, your dinner table or your wider home, every detail counts so spend time ahead of your evening putting your very best face forward. Your table will be the most important area that requires decoration so iron that linen, root out your best china and get creative with your centrepiece.